SDAMC Parts & Service Suppliers List

[NOTE this page has not been kept updated. Some info may be IS out of date.]

The members of the San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club have scoured their rolodexes, address books, favorites lists, and memories to provide the following list of providers of parts, supplies, and services of interest to those playing with old motorcycles.  They are listed in no particular order, just the way they came to us. Special interest clubs, web sites, and list servers which do not directly provide parts or service but may also lead you to what you want are NOT listed here -- see our
Links Page for those.

Autocycle Engineering (Chris Williams)
Kingsley Street, Netherton, Dudley
West Midlands DY2 0QA, UK
Phone:                    044 1384 25303
Fax:                         044 1384 240401

BSA parts and ???  Gary got that pretty little Eddie Dow-type finned, cast aluminum, tappet cover for his Gold Star from Chris.   Only place he found it in 20 years of looking.  Sometimes hard to get on the phone, suggest FAX communication. Takes major credit cards. Fast, friendly, fair-priced service. Gary was referred to him by Bruce Nichols, .  Thanks, Bruce.

Rob North Fabrications
1605 Hoover Ave.
National City, CA 91950-4437
Phone:                    (619) 474-6424

Rob North can make or fix anything made from metal!  The Famous Letterbox Tri/BSA triple road race frame used by the factory in the 70's was designed by and is still built-to-order by Rob.  He even machines his own wheel hubs and makes his own aluminum tanks for it!  ART! He is an integral part of Don Vesco's  World Land Speed Record team. (See )  Rob will take on most any motorcycle related or other interesting project you can dream-up.  Want a single-sided swingarm on your CBX?  He did it.  How 'bout a YZ426F motor in your TZ125 frame?  He's doing it.   Rob is an absolute artist in metal, incredible engineer, and one of the nicest guys in the world.  His prices are extremely fair.  His work is world-class.  Cash talks -- no credit cards.  Write him a bad check and the hooligans from SDAMC will hunt you down! 

Vintage UK Tax Disc JPEG's

Need (want) a vintage UK tax disc to put the finishing touch on that Brit Bike Resto?  Ian Hodkinson has provided a beautiful collection of high resolution JPEG images of 50's, 60's, and 70's tax discs on his web site for you to down-load for free.  His collection covers '55-'64, '66-'70, and '72.  Be sure to e-mail your thanks to Ian, tell him you heard about it from the SDAMC web site, and tell all your friends!  Gary and Joe already down loaded the '63 and '72 for their bikes!  Now all we need is Halcyon Tax Disc Holders.

Micro-Mark  (Water Slide Decal Paper for Computer Printers)
340 Snyder Avenue
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922-1595
Phone:                    908-464-2984
Fax:                         908-665-9383
Web Site:     

Make your own waterslide decals of anything you want on your Laser or Inkjet printer!  Somebody's going to scan B.G. Hichisson's original signature into their computer, make a decal of it, and put it on their Lyta petrol reservoir.  Very Cool.  Also lots of nice small tools primarily for model making.

Active Graphix (Nick Parks)
9499 Kearny Villa Road
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 689-8764

Silk Screening Services.  These are the people who do the awesome job on SDAMC's annual T-shirt ride shirts.  We have the best ride-shirts there are!   Let these guys spruce-up your club's or business's image, too.

SRM Engineering
Unit 22, Glanyrafon Industrial Estate
Aberystwyth SY23 3JQ, Dyfed, Wales, UK
Phone:                    044 1970 627771/2
Fax:                         044 1970 627773
E-mail                     See Web Site -- Different addresses for different departments
Web Site:      

BSA Parts & Services, specializing in BSA Twins.  Some Triumph T120/140, Norton, and Ariel engine parts too.  Full BSA Twins restoration service. Lead-free fuel compatible valve replacements and Lucas dynamo and magneto servicing.  They make some very nice parts of their own like finned, cast aluminum sump plates with magnetic drain plugs.  Down-loadable catalog in PDF format so you can browse at your leisure.   Prompt, professional service.  Major credit card accepted.

Phil Pearson Engineering

34 St Johns Road
Belton, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 9NS
Phone/FAX                 044   1493 780055
Web site:      

Gold Star Specialist!  Excellent reputation, comes highly recommended.  Has lots of hard to find GS parts like original-type petrol pipes and bronze breather banjos and rev counter gearboxes.  Does some nicely engineered modifications like a clutch using Suzuki plates, vernier cam adjustment conversion, and GP float conversion using a Weber needle to cure flooding.  Supplies a kit of all the fiber washers used on a GS -- no searching for individual part #'s!  Plenty of folks think enough of Phil to spend big $'s to ship their Gold Star engines to him to rebuild! Very responsive and helpful. Accepts credit cards.

Domi Racer/Accessory Mart
P.O. Box 26116
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Phone:                    (513) 871-1678
FAX:                      (513) 871-6684
Web Site:      

This is the Wal-Mart of old Brit & European motorcycling.  Even Wesley Stark, who knows everybody everywhere, gets some of his Zundapp parts from these guys.  Their web site doesn't have a whole lot in the realm of parts listed, but then they have 10 bazillion parts ( a bazillion).  You have to buy the 176 page Vintage Catalog #7 (US$12.50 + 4.00 shipping)  which comes with the 228 page price list (or that may be $4 extra, no body remembers).  Even you youngsters need to buy a magnifying glass before they arrive.  The price list type is about 4 pt. and will make you go blind, too.  Where else can you find the light sockets to go in the back of you Smiths Chronometric clocks?

A Gagg & Sons
106 Alfreton Road
Nottingham NG7 3NS
telephone:                044 115 978 6288 [uk: 0115 978 6288]
fax:                          044 115 978 6288 [uk: 0115 978 6288]
Web Site:      

Who else has been "Supplying classic British motorcycle spares since 1900"? No body, that's who!  Were there even any "classic" British motorcycles in 1900? Great prices on reconditioned Smiths instruments.  Good luck even finding "cores" for what Gagg sells reconditioned Chronometrics for.  How about a brand new Smiths speedo, black or gray face, for you Triumph Cub or BSA Bantam or C-15 for $100!  Their "Bikes Supported" list covers 90+% of Brit bikes: AJS, AMC, Ariel, BSA, Francis Barnett, Greeves, James, Matchless, Norton, Panther, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Triumph, Velocette, and Villiers (engine units).  Let's see, I guess they missed Vincent and Brough Superior.  Mostly major engine hard-parts (pistons, bearings, valves & guides) and Smiths instruments. 

H.P. Hommes
Kamphausen 156 C/2
41363 Juchen
Phone from USA:                 011-49-2166-606671
FAX:                                      011-49-2166-606670
Web site:                     

Parts for Zundapp K 500, KS 600 and KS 750 pre-war 4-stroke bikes.  Conversational German helpful!

GP Motorcycles
1606 "G" Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone:                    (619) 233-4762
FAX:                      (619) 233-5003
Web Site      

GP is a favorite of SDAMC members and not just because they are local or supply free coffee and donuts.  GP is a dealer for Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, Husqvarna, and Cagiva.  But most SDAMC members have been doing business with the boys since before they were a dealer for anybody and were just providing  great parts, service, and used bikes for Brit or Euro bike nuts.  They still have a nice selection of Brit bike parts and can usually get anything they don't have on hand.  They also know how to work on your old Brit stuff as well as your new and old Italian stuff.  Friendly, knowledgeable, very helpful folks.  Their shop is very cool, too; a thoroughly modern old-time motorcycle shop.    Besides their full stock of new bikes, they always have a great selection of interesting used bikes and classics.  If you only visit one motorcycle shop when you visit San Diego, make it GP -- they are only a $5 cab ride from the Convention Center.  Ask Isaac to show you his Monster in '74 750SS Duck-egg green & silver livery with Conti's!

Rocket Motorcycles
5171 Morena Place
San Diego, CA 9210
Phone:                    (619) 276-2177
FAX:                      (619) 276-3261
Web site:      

Rocket is San Diego's Triumph dealership.  They also have Bimota (in spirit, at least) and KTM.  Rocket has a fair selection of new and used parts for older Brit bikes and provides service for them as well as the new models.

Buchanan Spoke & Rim, Inc.
805 West Eighth Street
Azusa, CA 91702
Phone:                    (626) 969-4655
Fax:                         (626)812-0243
Web site:      

Buchanan has been around since 1958 supplying wheels and spokes and complete wheel building/repair services to motorcyclists and car guys.  Formerly Buchanan's Frame Shop, they stopped doing frame straightening 1987.  Buchanan is famous for their stainless steel spokes and nipples.  If you have a spoke-wheeled bike you ride, these are a god-send.  They offer British-type steel wheels, chromed or unplated, and custom drilled for your application.  They also offer Akront alloy wheels, with or without the flange, as well as Sun, D.I.D., and Excel rims and an unparalleled selection of  pre-packaged spoke kits for most British & Japanese bikes, BMWs, Ducatis, Harleys, and Indians.  They will build your wheels for you or sell you everything you need to do it yourself, including a spoke torque wrench.

Lemon Grove Cycle Supply
7630 Broadway
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Phone:                    (619) 460-1700

A good place for wheel and tire service as well as other general maintenance items. 

Vintage Brake (Michael "Mercury" Morse)
15069 Lupine Lane
Sonora, CA 95370
Phone/FAX:                (209) 533-4346
Web Site:      

The BEST vintage brake work on this planet is by "Vintage Brake" in Northern CA...send Mike your stuff and get the finest mechanical or disc brake work available. Brakes...we need 'em!  He's popular with the AHRMA crowd and has busy seasons, plan ahead.

Foreign Speedo
2246 1/2 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone:                    (619) 298-5278

New bezels, new glass, refurb the rattiest clocks into new concourse gauges. They get ALL Joe's and lots of other guy's Smith work. Quick turnaround.

Andover Norton International
Somewhere in Andover, UK
Phone:                    044 23 8036 6405
FAX:                      044 23 8036 6300
Web site:      

If anyone needs Norton parts the only way to go is Andover Norton in England. They are part of the BSA-Regal group of companies and supply parts from the original tooling -- they are also where most of the US Norton suppliers are buying their parts. They will sell over the internet at about half (or less) of what everyone in this country wants for the same piece. It appears we can buy for the same price as the dealers.  About time!  A lot of the time US dealers will leave the Andover Norton tag on the part when they sell it to you.  Andover has the easiest web site to buy from Chris O. has ever seen and they literally have any part you want for Commandos.  Delivery takes about one week and the shipping is about double for the same stuff purchased in the US.

Mobley's Bultaco Parts
1320 Cathy Lane
Minden, NV 89423
Phone:                    (775) 267-2103
FAX:                      (775) 267-9813
Web site:      

Lynn & Dorothy Mobley have tons of NOS, repro, and used Bultaco stuff and motor service, too. Really nice folks and reasonable prices. To order you must call Lynn as there are many options to each order which he needs to discuss with you.  Have your frame & engine numbers handy. VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card accepted.

Road and Race
2 Bonmace Close
Berkely Vale, Central Coast, NSW
Australia 2261
Phone:                    +61 0243 884 211
Fax:                         +61 0243 884 211
Web Site:    

Chris W. says: "For Classic Italian Parts you can't do better. Phil Hitchcock is a wealth of knowledge, his shipping is faster than US places I've dealt with and the exchange rate is very favorable."  Robert likes 'em, too.  Credit cards preferred.  The web site has a nifty little window showing your time and Aus time -- a day apart from SD.

Gowanloch Motorcycles
702 Canterbury Road Belmore
Sydney NSW 2192
Phone:            +61 (0)2 9750 4346
Fax:               +61 (0)2 9750 7852
Web site:      

Now here's a claim!  "Largest stock of beveldrive Ducati parts anywhere in the world."  Rubberbandhead parts, too.  Do you Ducatisti need to hear more?   Okay, Robert likes them.  Remember the Au$-U$ exchange rate is about 2-to-1.  That means you can have that carbon fiber 851 front fender for $60 USD! Visa & MasterCard.  Call to increase your credit card limit BEFORE looking at their web site.

British Cycle Supply
P.O. Box 119
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Canada, BOP 1X0
Phone:                    (902) 542-7478
Fax:                         (902) 542-7479
Web site:      

British Cycle Supply has a huge collection of Brit bike parts.  They have warehouses in both Canada and the US.  They have a 152 page catalog which the will send you in printed form or you can down-load the catalog and price list in PDF format.  The PDF price list is especially nice since you can let your computer search it for your OEM part numbers.  Besides lots of engine, carb, cycle, and electrical parts, they have some nice finishing touch kind of things like logo license plate studs and Halcyon tax disc holders and mirrors and more label pins than you knew existed -- check their prices on this stuff before you bid on it on eBay!  They are also one of the few suppliers of vintage Brit bike chopper parts.  Very friendly, prompt service and fair prices.  Credit cards accepted.

The Shop (American Motorcycle Specialists)
6541 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone:                    (805) 650-6777
Fax:                         (805) 644-6448
Web Site:      

American motorcycle specialists since 1972.  Specializing in Indian and obsolete H-D (Panheads, Knuckleheads, Flatheads, Shovelheads, ironhead Sportsters).  Parts, service, bikes, accessories.  Awesome museum of American motorcycles from 1902 Indian to 1977 H-D XR750.  You've never been in a shop like The Shop!  It's almost a tourist attraction.

Gardner-Westcott Company
10110 Six Mile Road
Northville, Michigan 48167 USA
Phone:                    (248) 305-5100
                                (800) 897-5025
Fax:                         (248) 305-5110
E-mail:                    From Web Site
Web Site:      

Bolts, studs, screws, nuts, washer, lockwashers, and pretty much any fastener you need for American, British, or Metric bikes.   Available in chrome plated, polished chrome, stainless steel, polished stainless, zinc, gold, and brass.  Open stock or kits.  Lots of down-loadable PDF format catalogs for your particular area of interest.

Blake Conway
2441 Green Hills Way
VISTA, CA 92084
Phone:                    (760)732-3950

Blake is known to lay on some of the finest paint work around.   He can get that perfect factory original color combo just the way you want it.  Joe won't let anybody else paint his bikes.

Santee Motorcycle Supply
Santee, CA 92071
Phone:                    (619) 449-0344

For wheel building and tires it's hard to beat Ken at Santee cycle. He was trained by Harry at Lemon Grove cycle.  "Watch out...he can be grumpy...........but it's fun to tell him so."  (Chris O.)