Talk Group


The San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club's Yahoo Group (Email list, "talk list") is a way to keep in touch about upcoming events, spur of the moment rides, requests for advice or parts sources, etc.
You must subscribe before you can post or read posts. NO SPAM.

To join the Email list, send a request to telling us the email address you want subscribed. Include a short comment describing your interest in old bikes, so we'll know you're not a spammer. (If you have a non-Yahoo email address that is already linked to a Yahoo account -yes it can be done- tell us that, also, otherwise we'll send you the wrong type of invitation.) You will be sent an invitation to join the list. Then just click the "Join the mailing list" button sent in the invitation.
OR give your email address to a board member, who'll pass it on to a list moderator, and eventually you may receive an invitation by email.

We now have to send out different invitations, depending on whether you have a Yahoo account or not. If you don't use a Yahoo email address, we will assume you don't have a Yahoo account, and we'll send the invitation based on that. That's why you need to tell us if you do have a Yahoo account but use a non-Yahoo email address. If you don't link your email address to a Yahoo account, you will miss out on some minor features. You may also miss out on some Yahoo headaches.

Note - When you click the "Join" button on a non-yahoo account invitation, it should take you to a page that says "Welcome to SDAMC. Congratulations! You are now a member of the mailing list for the group SDAMC." If you don't have a Yahoo account, but when you click the "Join" button on the invitation it takes you to a SDAMC Yahoo Group page that has yet another "+Join Group" button, it means we screwed up, and forgot to click the extra check box we need to click to send you a non-yahoo invitation. Yeah, sometimes your list admins are asleep on the job. If this happens, please send a note to requesting a NON-yahoo account invitation.